Science meets Technology

Science meets Technology

Science meets TechnologyScience meets TechnologyScience meets Technology


Finally, a one-stop growing system that is easy to use, cost-effective and delivers high yields with lower cost

The SpinnerXP



Introducing the SpinnerXP, a proprietary, patented, self-contained, hydroponic plant growth chamber optimized for growing  – substantially reducing overhead and consumption while increasing yields.

A Competitive Edge



We understand the challenges for the do-it-yourself grower at home and the commercial grower looking for the competitive edge.

Combining our engineering and growing expertise, we have developed a unique and innovative self-contained growing chamber that reduces energy costs, saves on space and reduces the maintenance and care required under traditional methods. 

Cost Effective



Whether you are growing at home and want a clean and easy-to-use solution or a commercial grower seeking a more efficient and cost-effective method that will give you a competitive edge, the Spinner delivers on all counts.

Science Simplified

The problem today is that many commercial growers are operating inefficiently and many residential growers lack the skill and experience to successfully grow.



The SpinnerXP solves these problems. Commercial growers are able to make full use of their warehouse space while being most efficient with energy consumption during the cultivation process. 

On the residential side, the SpinnerXP offers a one-stop cultivation system that makes it easy to successfully cultivate. 


Spend less, grow more!


  • 100% light source efficiency for lower costs
  • Low voltage, programmable drive system
  • Modular 4’ X 4’ design for more plants per square foot
  • Plants are optimal distance to light source without burning
  • Ease of access

Revolutionary Design!


  • 360 degree accessible 
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Isolated root zone 
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Cool tube allows HPS lighting systems for optimum growth

Safe and Stealthy!


  •  Supports CMH, MH and HPS single ended bulbs
  • Patented dual air zone design
  • Complete climate control and monitoring
  • Lockable chamber for security
  • Odor reduction

How It Works


Designed for ease of use


The design features individual plant chambers arranged in a circle around a centrally mounted, vertically oriented, high-intensity light source. 

Each plant site features a patented polypropylene basket (filled with a clean growing medium such as rock wool, coco or soilless mix). Each basket rotates slowly ensuring that all sides of the plants are exposed to the light source. Plants are accessible for maintenance from all sides.

An automated water and nutrient delivery system and variable flow ventilation system with separate intake and exhaust fans makes the Spinner the most efficient and fuss-free system on the market today.

It really is that simple. No fuss, no muss, no soil – an innovative hydroponic design that utilizes a unique lighting design, measured nutrients, air circulation and water delivery. All automated for your convenience.

Harvest every 8-9 weeks. Simply do the math. The SpinnerXP system will pay for itself.

Let Patented SpinnerXP Technology give you the advantage!


Call us today for more information about this revolutionary grow system that is making cultivation easy and affordable.

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